#FuturePRoof podcast

The #FuturePRoof podcast, now in its second series, is a conversation between Sarah and Stephen Waddington.

It covers the issues raised by the #FuturePRoof project, asserting the role of public relations as a management discipline in the organisations that it serves and society.

The show is available via iTunes, Libsyn and Spotify.

Episode 6, 2019

#FuturePRoof podcast A short rant for our listeners

  • Sarah spent her summer holidays writing a guide to countering disinformation for professional communicators

  • The CIPR Election is underway and both Sarah and Stephen are backing Mandy Pearse for President in 2021

  • Stephen is working with Scott Guthrie and Vuelio to write a guide to earned and owned media governance for influencer marketing

  • Home Secretary Priti Patel, herself a professional communication, has pitted police social media managers against front line officers this week

  • The PRCA has a pulse survey underway to characterise the market for virtual agencies

  • We share our summer reading list tips: How to be right, The Social CEO, and The Leadership Challenge

Episode 5, 2019

#FuturePRoof Podcast Celebrating Mary Meeker

Sarah and Stephen Waddington celebrate the latest State of the Internet Report by analyst Mark Meeker. The 300+ page annual report is packed with insights on internet adoption, devices and platforms; the internet ad market; content formats; and observations on disruptive business models and markets.

Episode 4, 2019

#FuturePRoof Podcast Celebrating over 60s in public relations

Protecting your creative ideas and intellectual property with a shout out to Manifest’s work for Brewdog

  • The PRCA Census 2019 which finds the PR industry in the UK is worth £15billion and employs 95,000 people but isn’t making progress on diversity and socioeconomic issues despite best efforts

  • The Cision Global State of the Media Report 2019 with insights for pitching to time-pressed over worked journalists

  • The influence of the Trump playbook in local politics in the North East during the North of Tyne Mayoral election

  • Book recommendations: Airhead by Emily Maitlis and The Joy of Work by Bruce Daisley

Episode 3, 2019

#FuturePRoof Podcast LinkedIn porn, don’t do it kids

In this edition Sarah and Stephen discuss: Tim Berners-Lee and the Internet at 30; the House of Lords Select Committee report on Internet regulation; Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s blast at tech platforms in Presidential bid; Facebook and Instagram outage; the Organ Donation 'opt out' bill receives Royal AssentRed Nose Day backlash; International Women’s Day washing; #CommsSchool on how to blog; and environmental activist Greta Thunberg.

Episode 2, 2019

#FuturePRoof Podcast Socially Mobile 

In this latest edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast we ask whether the Fyre Festival was less a PR disaster or more bad business. We explore the Edelman Trust Barometer and find good news for employee advocacy. Professional blogging is changing as people find news ways to create content and build networks. There’s a new initiative from the CIPR on procuring professional services and the PRCA has launched a virtual agency group. Stephen’s created a virtual school to help students build their professional profile and get ahead, and Sarah’s launching a charity to tackle social mobility through educational grants.  

Episode 1, 2019

#FuturePRoof Podcast Robots to try at home

Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington are back. In this show they discuss publicity, books, objectives and jobs for 2019, and robots.

The #FuturePRoof podcast is back after a hiatus last year when work got in the way of recording. In the latest issue we discuss:

Media Show response: PR is more than publicity

The Art of Public Relations is the title of a recent Media Show programme on BBC Radio 4 in which publicity is conflated with public relations. It would be wrong to deny that media relations is part of public relations but our business is so much more. We set the record straight.

Fairy tale of public relations

Sarah published a new #FuturePRoof book at the end of 2018. It’s a bit different from the norm. Once upon a time in PR profiles 21 pioneers who are shaping the role of public relations as a management discipline. It includes academics, practitioners and teachers.

Your 2019 reading list

If you’re looking for inspiration or to further your own professional development this month, here’s a selection of books we’ve read over the holiday break, that we recommend.

Danny Whatmough and Tony Langham’s books are from a new series produced by the PRCA and published by Emerald that provide a rock solid introduction to different aspects of public relations.

CIPR focus on management agenda

Sarah’s year as President of the CIPR has a reached a conclusion. In 2019 as Past President she’ll be developing the relationship with the CBI and Federation for Small Business. She’s also looking to drive public relations onto the agenda for management courses at UK universities.

New year, new job

I’ve joined Metia as the MD in London. We’ve developed some smart tools and processes in insight, content, demand and analytics to deliver business-to-business marketing campaigns at scale with a relentless focus on measurement. More on that in future podcasts. The agency also has offices in Seattle, Austin, and Singapore.

Tips: three robots to try at home

If you want an indication of the potential of robots to replace roles in our profession, load an image of an individual into Remove. It’ll clip the background, a job that would previously require a designer.

There’s a growing third party market of relatively low cost smart devices that integrate with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. We’ve starting using WiFi sockets to control lighting and our slow cooker.

Thread.com is our final robot recommendation. It suggests and delivers clothing for men from a range of brands, based on a profile of you. It’s backed up by first rate customer service.

Series 2 / 2018

Episode 4 A conversation at BledCom

Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington talk about the highlights of BledCom 2018, the 25th international public research symposium. Presentations and panel discussions tackled the conference headline - A World in Crisis: The Role of Public Relations. Sarah and Stephen talk about PR for good and bad, media, professionalism, organisational purpose, education and the relationship between academia and practice.

Episode 3 Celebrating the NHS at 70 and the future of healthcare
In this edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington discuss: the value of earned media and the Royal Wedding; Twitter timeline troll tweaks; WPP post-Sorrell; the impact of tech on PR skills; Facebook’s dating app; Google Home Assistant and other robots; Childish Gambino’s This is America; the Government Communication Plan 2017/18; a new Platinum podcast with Prof Anne Gregory and Dr Jon White on PR as a management discipline; and the Cluetrain Manifesto.

Episode 2 Stop posting shit on the internet
In this edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington discuss the CIPR; Facebook; Wetherspoons; #AIinPR; and the #FuturePRoof NHS project.

Episode 1 How was half term for you? 
Accountable leadership; persuasion and polarised media; influencing Brexit; the PRCA’s diversity toolkit; and tech in public relations.

Series 1 / 2017

Breaking and mending stuff
Abuse on social media, diversity, Storify’s closure, Time’s person of the year, #AIinPR and goals for 2018.

Slurp, slop and scrawl
#PRin2018; Cluetrain Manifesto; local media debate.

Celebrating the CIPR and the NHS at 70
#CIPR70; Twitter discourse; implications on society of decline in regional media; and a new #FuturePRoof project.

Waterproofs and winter clothes
The PRCA's ruling on Bell Pottinger, OFCOM and European Communication Monitor reports, the CIPR election, social media platform updates, and Twitter's application as a customer service tool.

Strawberry picking
#PRfest, Cannes, the UK General Election, May Meeker’s annual report and image recognition.

An afternoon snifter
Fake news, social media speculation, the Croatian Public Relations Association conference and support for students.

You’re such a tease
A special edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast reviewing the PRFest in Edinburgh.

Squeaky toys
Measurement, a capabilities framework for public relations, mental health, the CIPR at 70, and #PRfest.