#FuturePRoof podcast

The #FuturePRoof podcast, now in its second series, is a conversation between Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington.

It covers the issues raised by the #FuturePRoof project, asserting the role of public relations as a management discipline in the organisations that it serves and society.

The show is available via iTunes, Libsyn and Spotify.

Series 2 / 2018

Episode 4 A conversation at BledCom

Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington talk about the highlights of BledCom 2018, the 25th international public research symposium. Presentations and panel discussions tackled the conference headline - A World in Crisis: The Role of Public Relations. Sarah and Stephen talk about PR for good and bad, media, professionalism, organisational purpose, education and the relationship between academia and practice.

Episode 3 Celebrating the NHS at 70 and the future of healthcare
In this edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington discuss: the value of earned media and the Royal Wedding; Twitter timeline troll tweaks; WPP post-Sorrell; the impact of tech on PR skills; Facebook’s dating app; Google Home Assistant and other robots; Childish Gambino’s This is America; the Government Communication Plan 2017/18; a new Platinum podcast with Prof Anne Gregory and Dr Jon White on PR as a management discipline; and the Cluetrain Manifesto.

Episode 2 Stop posting shit on the internet
In this edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast Sarah Hall and Stephen Waddington discuss the CIPR; Facebook; Wetherspoons; #AIinPR; and the #FuturePRoof NHS project.

Episode 1 How was half term for you? 
Accountable leadership; persuasion and polarised media; influencing Brexit; the PRCA’s diversity toolkit; and tech in public relations.

Series 1 / 2017

Breaking and mending stuff
Abuse on social media, diversity, Storify’s closure, Time’s person of the year, #AIinPR and goals for 2018.

Slurp, slop and scrawl
#PRin2018; Cluetrain Manifesto; local media debate.

Celebrating the CIPR and the NHS at 70
#CIPR70; Twitter discourse; implications on society of decline in regional media; and a new #FuturePRoof project.

Waterproofs and winter clothes
The PRCA's ruling on Bell Pottinger, OFCOM and European Communication Monitor reports, the CIPR election, social media platform updates, and Twitter's application as a customer service tool.

Strawberry picking
#PRfest, Cannes, the UK General Election, May Meeker’s annual report and image recognition.

An afternoon snifter
Fake news, social media speculation, the Croatian Public Relations Association conference and support for students.

You’re such a tease
A special edition of the #FuturePRoof podcast reviewing the PRFest in Edinburgh.

Squeaky toys
Measurement, a capabilities framework for public relations, mental health, the CIPR at 70, and #PRfest.