#FuturePRoof: Edition Two – one week on

A lot has happened in a week for the #FuturePRoof community.

Since publication a week ago #FuturePRoof: Edition Two has been ranked among the top ten books on Kindle variously in management, sales and marketing and public relations.

The book is available in print via Blurb and on the Kindle via Amazon. There’s also been renewed interest in the first edition.

My thanks go to all the contributors who have been generous with their time and expertise; its success is down to the originality and strength of the content. 

I'm publishing a chapter per day on the #FuturePRoof website and sharing it via social media.

I'm grateful to Vuelio for hosting a webinar about the #FuturePRoof project and to everyone that has retweeted and blogged to share the news and raise awareness.

You can find some of the many excellent write-ups here:

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#FuturePRoof: edition two is a call to arms for the PR industry - Paul Sutton

#FuturePRoof: a book to bang the table with - comms2point0  

A story of two books about public relations – separated by 25 years - Stephen Waddington

Is PR becoming a management discipline? - Iliyana Stareva


Show me the money 

I’ve been asked variously on Twitter how #FuturePRoof is funded.

The project is self-funded. I’ve chosen not to broker sponsorship in order to maintain editorial control. It's been worth it to fulfil my vision for the books. 

Print copies of the second edition are produced on demand at cost by Blurb, while the net profit on the Kindle, introduced this time around, is £2 a copy.

Should the project generate a surplus, it will be donated to the Taylor Bennett Foundation. 


 Future of #FuturePRoof

Finally, I've already had a number of exciting approaches about developing the project.

A US publisher is interested in collaborating on a third edition and I’m working with one of the contributors on a possible special edition for Brazil.

The community is truly global. It’s fantastic to see practitioners unite across disciplines, backgrounds and geographies to help spread knowledge and best practice. 

I'll also be introducing guest posts through the #FuturePRoof blog so if you've a great idea, please pitch it to me.

You can contact me by email at sarah@sarahhallconsulting.co.uk or find me @hallmeister on Twitter.

With thanks for all your support

Sarah Hall